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A well-crafted ecommerce content strategy can make all the difference in attracting high-intent organic traffic and boosting your revenue. At PageGenie, we understand the power of strategic content, and we’re here to help your brand sit back, relax, and watch as your organic traffic, conversions, and revenue soar.

The Power of Organic Search Traffic Growth

In the fast-paced world of online commerce, staying ahead of the curve is essential. Our clients have experienced remarkable month-over-month (MoM) organic search traffic growth, with averages like 44% in November ’23, 46% in October ’23, 36% in September ’23, and an impressive 64% in August ’23. These results speak to the effectiveness of our approach.

Used by High-Growth Brands:

One of our proud partners,, a renowned air suspension brand, has benefited from our high-quality SEO content. We bring automation and scale to the world of content creation, enabling your brand to thrive in the digital landscape.

Features that Drive Results

Featured Product Callouts™ to Increase Your Conversions

Ecommerce Content Strategy

We understand that generating traffic is just the beginning. The real game-changer is revenue, and PageGenie excels at driving conversions. Our secret weapon is the Featured Product Callouts™ strategically placed within your blog content.

These product displays are not only context-aware but also personalized to each visitor based on their historical and on-site behavior.

This personalization maximizes conversion rates and helps turn visitors into paying customers.

Index-optimized Pages to Increase Your Organic Traffic

PageGenie doesn’t just create content for your brand; we create SEO content that’s tailor-made for your products and hosted on index-optimized web pages. These pages come with advanced SEO features like XML Sitemaps, Open Graph Meta Data, Canonical URLs, Rich Snippets (Structured Data), Robots Meta Tags, and Internal Links. These features provide crucial context to Google, ensuring that your site ranks effectively.

Your content pages will also be optimized with schema, structured data markup, and a robust internal and external linking strategy. This optimization makes it easier for search engines to index and rank your site effectively. PageGenie takes care to ensure that content page URLs, meta descriptions, and alt tags are descriptive and search engine-friendly, facilitating navigation for both shoppers and search engine crawlers.

Continually Updated Content for Sustainable Growth

In the world of SEO, consistency is key. PageGenie doesn’t believe in one-and-done efforts; we’re committed to delivering consistent, positive ROI and growth. We regularly update your content to outperform your competitors’ search rankings, adapt to the ever-changing competitive landscape, and maintain a top position on search results pages.

While traditional SEO agencies may offer 4-10 articles a month for hefty retainers, PageGenie leverages programmatic SEO to publish high-quality content at a fraction of the cost.

Accessibility and Inclusive UX

Ecommerce Content Strategy

A crucial aspect of our ecommerce content strategy is ensuring that your web pages are usable by everyone. Failing to meet accessibility standards can leave potential revenue on the table. At PageGenie, we prioritize accessibility and ensure that our SEO pages meet WCAG 2.1 standards and guidelines. This approach helps you avoid potential financial and reputational risks associated with non-compliance.

We incorporate accessibility features into our content pages, like image alt text, correct heading structure, and keyboard navigation. This improves usability for organic visitors, expanding your audience and ensuring a seamless experience for all users.

How PageGenie Works

  1. Competitive Analysis: We start by analyzing your website and comparing it with your competitors’ content, rankings, and keyword strategy. This analysis forms the foundation of our unique competitive content strategy.
  2. Content & Keyword Strategy: Using the insights from the competitive analysis, PageGenie crafts a custom content and keyword strategy tailored to your brand and its products.
  3. AI Content Generation: Our advanced AI algorithms generate high-quality, long-form SEO content pages that are designed to attract high-intent shoppers to your ecommerce store. With PageGenie, you can attract more high-intent organic traffic without lifting a finger.

Ecommerce Content Strategy and Keywords

As we dive deeper into the service we provide, it’s essential to highlight the keywords that matter most in the ecommerce content strategy landscape. We strategically incorporate the following keywords into our content, including headings, subheadings, and the text where they make sense:

At PageGenie, we take these keywords seriously, seamlessly integrating them into our content strategy to enhance your online visibility and drive results.

Why You Shouldn’t Do It Alone

While the idea of managing your ecommerce content strategy in-house might seem tempting, there are compelling reasons why it’s often a less-than-ideal choice. Here, we’ll explore why you should avoid going it alone and instead opt for a professional partner like PageGenie.

The Complexity of Ecommerce SEO

Ecommerce Content Strategy

Ecommerce SEO encompasses various facets: understanding algorithms, keyword research, content optimization, and technical SEO. Managing these in-house can overwhelm you. Without PageGenie’s expertise and resources, you risk lagging in the dynamic digital landscape.

Our team of SEO experts is well-versed in the intricacies of ecommerce SEO. We stay updated with the latest algorithm changes, industry trends, and best practices. This ensures that your ecommerce content strategy remains effective and competitive, allowing you to maximize organic traffic and revenue.

Time and Resource Constraints

Effective ecommerce SEO is not a one-time effort but an ongoing process. It requires consistent content creation, optimization, and regular updates to stay ahead of the competition. Managing all these tasks internally can strain your resources and take your focus away from core business activities.

PageGenie eliminates this burden by handling the entire process for you. We use AI and automation to create high-quality content at scale, freeing up your team’s time to concentrate on what they do best. Our cost-effective approach allows you to benefit from professional SEO services without the exorbitant costs associated with traditional agencies.

The Risk of Missed Opportunities

Handling your ecommerce content strategy in-house poses a significant risk: you may miss crucial opportunities. SEO evolves rapidly, impacting your site’s performance if you neglect updates, new techniques, or trends.

Partnering with PageGenie grants you access to a dedicated team of experts who stay updated on SEO advancements. We ensure your strategy remains current and optimized, minimizing missed opportunities and enhancing your success in the digital landscape.

Elevate Your Brand Today!

Our ecommerce content strategy elevates your brand’s online presence, attracts organic traffic, boosts conversions, and increases revenue. PageGenie’s focus on accessibility, advanced SEO, and personalized product displays offers a comprehensive solution for success in the competitive digital realm. Let PageGenie transform your ecommerce strategy for you.