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Kyle is a marketing manager at ZipTieCo (real client name hidden for privacy), an ecommerce store selling plastic cable ties. He wears a lot of different hats, overseeing digital marketing, print marketing, and other responsibilities.  His job is to grow traffic and sales for the company. But he’s very worried, as traffic has been flat for the past 2 years.


He wanted to grow traffic, but he didn’t know what else to do. Google ads weren’t working that well and had gotten expensive. He knew SEO was important, but he wasn’t an SEO expert, and didn’t have time to writing and researching a bunch of blogs, and studying all the ins and outs of SEO. So he was stuck..

PageGenie Solution:

We analyzed Kyle’s site and noticed that it ranked in position 11-20 for many keywords. Because 90% of shoppers don’t scroll past the first 10 search results, PageGenie focused its efforts on generating content optimized to increase the rank of these keywords. We used our combination of AI writing and human editing to quickly produce high quality, human vetted content about the keywords Kyle’s customers are looking for.


After just 3 months, Kyle now had over 60 laser-targeted articles on his blog, all indexed on Google. They started to get his site showing up for specific keywords that are relevant to his business:

Here are the statistics:

He could see that traffic in September was up over 2x from the same time last year. Traffic had moved from 4,000 visitors per month to over 8,000 visitors per month:

The boost in traffic created many new customers for Kyle’s company. The best part was, Kyle didn’t have to lift a finger. After he approved the strategy, PageGenie just went on autopilot, researching the best keywords and publishing high quality content, month after month, improving his traffic and rankings.

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