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Below, you’ll find SEO-related data on your brand’s and your competitor’s website and a head-to-head comparison of the most highly-trafficked blog pages on your domain.

Google uses over 14,000 factors to rank your webpages among millions of others. Use the correlative data in this report to see what’s working for your brand… and what isn’t. Is it the word count? Maybe it’s the low page score¬† implying that there are technical issues (such as slow loading times) with your blog pages.

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Here’s the custom content plan for generated by PageGenie.

This content plan aligns your website’s content with your product’s unique selling points and addresses the needs and interests of your target audience. Use this plan to increase search engine result impressions and improve user engagement metrics.

Step 2. Create new values:
– user_firstname = Test
– user_lastname =
– user_brand = OpenAI

Step 3. Browse the internet to review the user’s business’s website to understand its business model, products/services, and target customers. Do the same for both of the competitor websites. If you can’t browse the website(s), say “An error prevented the website {user_website} from being reviewed.”

Step 4. Print a response:


OpenAI (

  • OpenAI provides cutting-edge AI software development tools and services, focusing on artificial general intelligence (AGI), machine learning, natural language processing, and artificial intelligence.
  • Their portfolio includes products like GPT-3, Codex, ChatGPT, and tools for AI researchers and developers.
  • OpenAI targets software developers and AI researchers, aiming to provide a simple, powerful, and effective way to introduce AI applications to their projects.

Competitor 1 – Cohere (

  • Cohere offers an advanced language model, making it easy for developers to build intelligent applications powered by language understanding and generation.
  • They provide a range of services, such as natural language processing APIs, for various use-cases like conversational AI, content analysis, and semantic search.
  • Their platform is focused on enabling developers to build AI-driven applications with less complexity and faster deployment.

Competitor 2 – Anthropic (

  • Anthropic focuses on developing AI technologies and systems that are more understandable, reliable, and trustworthy, with a strong emphasis on long-term safety in AI.
  • They work to improve AI alignment and robustness through collaboration with other AI organizations, promoting open research and community-driven development.
  • Their target audience is a mix of AI researchers, developers, and organizations interested in AI safety, ethics, and reliability.

Step 5. Do Keyword Research and create a keyword list: Generate a list of 100 SEO keywords that will allow the user to match or outperform their competitors, e.g., consider relevant keyword factors such as monthly search volume, keyword relevance, keyword difficulty, user’s and competitor’s current keyword rankings, etc.

Step 6. Sort the 100-keyword list by descending search volume.

Step 7. Print a response:

Targeted Keywords

Here are the first 15 out of 100 targeted keywords likely to help OpenAI match or outperform its competitors’ organic traffic generation and attract Software Developers interested in software development. Keyword selection is based on a combination of high monthly search volume, low-to-medium keyword difficulty, your website’s content, competitors’ current keyword rankings, and several other factors.
– artificial intelligence development
– natural language processing API
– AI software tools
– language understanding in AI
– machine learning development
– AI applications for developers
– GPT-3 development
– AI-powered software development
– AI model deployment
– AI-powered text generation
– AI for code optimization
– AI research projects
– AI safety and trust
– AI in software industry
– ethical AI development

Step 8. Identify content pillar topics and subtopics: Based on user’s product and target audience, generate several pillar topics. Each pillar will have related subtopics to cover various aspects relevant to their audience.

Step 9. Map related keywords to each topic and subtopic: Assign the keywords from your 15-keyword list generated in Step 6 to the pillar topics and subtopics generated in Step 7, ensuring a focused, traffic-generating, and SEO-optimized, content approach.

Step 10. Print a response:

Content Pillar Topics and Subtopics

  • AI Software Development
    • GPT-3 and its Applications
    • AI Solutions for Developers
    • Machine Learning Techniques
    • Associated Keywords: artificial intelligence development, AI software tools, AI applications for developers, GPT-3 development, AI-powered software development
  • Natural Language Processing (NLP)
    • NLP APIs and Tools
    • Language Understanding in AI
    • Text Generation using AI
    • Associated Keywords: natural language processing API, language understanding in AI, AI-powered text generation
  • AI Deployment and Integration
    • AI Models and Deployment
    • AI for Code Optimization
    • AI in the Software Industry
    • Associated Keywords: machine learning development, AI model deployment, AI for code optimization, AI in software industry
  • AI Ethics and Safety
    • AI Research Projects
    • AI Safety and Trust
    • Ethical AI Development
    • Associated Keywords: AI research projects, AI safety and trust, ethical AI development

Step 11. Generate Article Titles: Craft 50 SEO-optimized, catchy article titles, each accompanied by a rationale for its effectiveness in attracting the target audience.

Step 12. Print a response: List the first five article titles with their rationales.

Optimized Article Titles

  1. “Getting Started with GPT-3: A Developer’s Guide to Harnessing the Power of Advanced NLP”
    Rationale: This title is educational and entices developers interested in utilizing GPT-3 for their own projects, thus driving interest in OpenAI’s products.

  2. “The AI Revolution in Software Development: How OpenAI Can Help Your Development Team”
    Rationale: This title highlights the broader impact of AI on the software industry and elevates OpenAI as a provider of powerful AI solutions for developers.

  3. “Level Up Your Text Generation Game: How OpenAI NLP APIs Transform Content Creation”
    Rationale: This title accentuates OpenAI’s NLP technology and demonstrates the potential benefits for developers, sparking curiosity in the company’s offerings.

  4. “AI Ethics and Safety: A Developer’s Perspective on Creating Responsible and Trustworthy AI”
    Rationale: By addressing essential topics like AI ethics, this title showcases OpenAI’s commitment to responsible AI development and appeals to a conscientious audience.

  5. “Mastering AI Model Deployment: Streamlining Your Machine Learning Pipeline with OpenAI”
    Rationale: This informative title focuses on the practical aspects of AI deployment, establishing OpenAI as an authority on the subject and appealing to developers.

This outline provides a solid structure for an engaging, informative article that aligns with this SEO content strategy and drives readers further down your funnel onto your collections and product pages where they are converted from readers into shoppers and ultimately, paying customers.

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