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Below, you’ll find SEO-related data on your brand’s and your competitor’s website and a head-to-head comparison of the most highly-trafficked blog pages on your domain.

Google uses over 14,000 factors to rank your webpages among millions of others. Use the correlative data in this report to see what’s working for your brand… and what isn’t. Is it the word count? Maybe it’s the low page score¬† implying that there are technical issues (such as slow loading times) with your blog pages.

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Here’s the custom content plan for generated by PageGenie.

This content plan aligns your website’s content with your product’s unique selling points and addresses the needs and interests of your target audience. Use this plan to increase search engine result impressions and improve user engagement metrics.

Step 2. Create new values:
– user_firstname = Kicka
– user_lastname = (no lastname)
– user_brand = Kicka

Step 3. I have browsed the websites for Kicka,, and

Step 4. Print a response:


Kicka (

  • Kicka is an online marketplace offering a wide array of products across various categories such as electronics, home appliances, sports equipment, and furniture.
  • The platform aims to bring a seamless shopping experience and convenience to customers, providing them with high-quality products at competitive prices.
  • They target a diverse audience.

Competitor 1 –

  • is a well-established electronics retailer in Germany, with a broad selection of consumer electronics, appliances, and entertainment products.
  • They emphasize providing expert advice, a large product portfolio, and attractive prices.
  • Their target audience consists of tech-savvy customers and those looking for a comprehensive range of electronics.

Competitor 2 –

  • is a global e-commerce giant with a massive product catalog, including electronics, books, clothing, appliances, and more.
  • Known for its customer-centric approach, focuses on offering competitive pricing, fast shipping, and an easy-to-use platform for both shopping and selling.
  • Their target audience is vast, encompassing virtually every demographic and interest.

Step 5. Do Keyword Research and create a keyword list.

Step 6. Sort the 100-keyword list by descending search volume.

Step 7. Print a response:

Targeted Keywords

Here are the first 15 out of 100 targeted keywords likely to help Kicka match or outperform its competitors’ organic traffic generation and attract Customer interested in Marketplace. Keyword selection is based on a combination of high monthly search volume, low-to-medium keyword difficulty, your website’s content, competitors’ current keyword rankings, and several other factors.
1. Online shopping
2. Electronics store
3. Home appliances
4. Marketplace deals
5. Sports equipment
6. Furniture online
7. Best e-commerce platform
8. Customer reviews
9. Competitive pricing
10. Tech gadgets
11. Online shopping tips
12. Daily deals
13. Secure payments
14. Shipping options
15. Return policy

Step 8. Identify content pillar topics and subtopics.

Step 9. Map related keywords to each topic and subtopic.

Step 10. Print a response:

Content Pillar Topics and Subtopics

  • Electronics Online
    • Latest Tech Gadgets
    • Smartphone Comparisons
    • Home Entertainment Systems
    • Associated Keywords: 2, 10
  • Home and Lifestyle
    • Furniture Shopping Guide
    • Home Appliances Reviews
    • Sports Equipment Selection
    • Associated Keywords: 3, 5, 6
  • Marketplace Features
    • Best E-Commerce Platforms
    • Secure Payments and Shipping
    • Return and Refund Policies
    • Associated Keywords: 7, 13, 15
  • Shopping Experience
    • Online Shopping Tips
    • Competitive Pricing Strategies
    • Customer Reviews and Ratings
    • Associated Keywords: 1, 9, 11
  • Deals and Offers
    • Daily Deals and Promotions
    • Product Bundles and Discounts
    • Exclusive Offers for Loyal Customers
    • Associated Keywords: 4, 12

Step 11. Generate Article Titles: Craft 50 SEO-optimized, catchy article titles.

Step 12. Print a response: Print a line-separated list of the first five generated article titles.

Article Titles

  1. Top 10 Tech Gadgets You Need to Check Out on Kicka
  2. The Ultimate Guide to Buying Home Appliances on Kicka: Ratings, Reviews, and Recommendations
  3. Find the Perfect Furniture for Your Home with Kicka’s Shopping Tips
  4. Comparing the Best E-Commerce Platforms: How Kicka Outshines Competitors
  5. Secrets to a Seamless Online Shopping Experience: Mastering Kicka’s Features and Tools

Step 13. Generate a 1500-word article outline for the first article title.

Step 14. Print a response:

Outline: Top 10 Tech Gadgets You Need to Check Out on Kicka

I. Introduction
– Brief overview of the variety of tech gadgets available on Kicka
– Importance of staying up-to-date with the latest technology trends

II. Smartphone Technologies
– Comparison of top smartphones available on Kicka
– Features to look for and how to choose the best device for your needs

III. Wearable Tech
– Smartwatches and fitness trackers on Kicka
– Benefits of wearable technology for health and productivity

IV. Home Automation
– Exploring smart home devices and systems available on Kicka
– Tips for creating a connected, efficient home environment

V. Audio Equipment
– Top headphones and speakers for music lovers on Kicka
– Highlighting key features and performance factors

VI. Gaming Consoles and Accessories
– Review of the latest gaming consoles available on Kicka
– Recommended must-have accessories for an immersive gaming experience

VII. Computer Peripherals
– Showcase top computer accessories, such as keyboards and mice, on Kicka
– Tips for optimizing your workspace with quality computer peripherals

VIII. Photography and Videography Gear
– Overview of top cameras and accessories on Kicka for photography and videography enthusiasts
– Factors to consider when investing in new camera gear

IX. Portable Chargers and Power Banks
– Selection of the most reliable and high-capacity power banks on Kicka
– Importance of having a portable charger for on-the-go tech users

X. Drones and UAVs
– Review popular drones available on Kicka for various purposes
– Tips for choosing the right drone according to your skill level and requirements

XI. Conclusion
– Recap the top 10 tech gadgets featured in the article
– Emphasize the ease and convenience of shopping for tech products on Kicka

XII. Call-to-Action
– Encourage readers to explore the latest tech gadgets on Kicka and make informed purchasing decisions

This outline provides a solid structure for an engaging, informative article that aligns with this SEO content strategy and drives readers further down your funnel onto your collections and product pages where they are converted from readers into shoppers and ultimately, paying customers.

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