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Here’s the custom content plan for generated by PageGenie.

This content plan aligns your website’s content with your product’s unique selling points and addresses the needs and interests of your target audience. Use this plan to increase search engine result impressions and improve user engagement metrics.

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Your Top 50 Keywords

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Adroitus (

  • Adroitus provides heating division accessories for small industries.
  • Their product range includes different types of heating elements, temperature controllers, and sensors, catering to various small industry needs.
  • They focus on high-quality products with reliable performance and energy efficiency.
  • Estimated Traffic: 196 monthly visitors

Competitor 1 – Kaltimex Bangla (

  • Kaltimex Bangla is a leading energy engineering and construction company in Bangladesh, specializing in industrial boiler plants, compact power plants, and heating system accessories.
  • They offer a variety of products such as steam boilers, water boilers, heat exchangers, generators, and other energy-efficient accessories.
  • Estimated Traffic: 1,288 monthly visitors

Competitor 2 – Dexterous Engineering (

  • Dexterous Engineering focuses on energy efficiency solutions for various industries, including manufacturing, petrochemical, and food & beverage.
  • Their product offerings include industrial boilers, heating system accessories, and energy management systems to optimize energy consumption.
  • Estimated Traffic: 819 monthly visitors

Targeted Keywords

Here are the first 15 out of 100 targeted keywords likely to help Adroitus match or outperform its competitors’ organic traffic generation and attract small industries interested in Heating division Accessories. Keyword selection is based on a combination of high monthly search volume, low-to-medium keyword difficulty, your website’s content, competitors’ current keyword rankings, and several other factors.

  1. industrial heating systems
  2. industrial heating accessories
  3. industrial boiler systems
  4. small industrial heating systems
  5. energy-efficient heating accessories
  6. compact power plant equipment
  7. industrial temperature controllers
  8. small industrial heater elements
  9. energy management systems
  10. industrial boilers and accessories
  11. heat exchanger manufacturing
  12. petrochemical heating systems
  13. small business heating solutions
  14. food and beverage heating systems
  15. industrial boiler maintenance

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Content Pillar Topics and Subtopics

Below is the content plan structured around various pillar topics and their corresponding subtopics. These topics and subtopics will enable Adroitus to create SEO-optimized content that attracts traffic looking for Heating division Accessories and related information, thus improving their chances of outperforming their competitors.

  1. Pillar Topic: Industrial Heating Systems
  2. Subtopic: Types of industrial heating systems (Keywords: industrial heating systems, small industrial heating systems)
  3. Subtopic: Energy-efficient industrial heating solutions (Keywords: energy-efficient heating accessories)
  4. Subtopic: Heating system maintenance (Keywords: industrial boiler maintenance)

  5. Pillar Topic: Heating Accessories for Small Industries

  6. Subtopic: Types of heating accessories (Keywords: industrial heating accessories)
  7. Subtopic: Choosing the right heating accessories for your industry (Keywords: small industrial heater elements)
  8. Subtopic: Improving energy efficiency using accessories (Keywords: compact power plant equipment)

  9. Pillar Topic: Industrial Boiler Systems

  10. Subtopic: Benefits of industrial boiler systems (Keywords: industrial boiler systems)
  11. Subtopic: Factors to consider before choosing an industrial boiler (Keywords: industrial boilers and accessories)
  12. Subtopic: Heat exchanger manufacturing (Keywords: heat exchanger manufacturing)

  13. Pillar Topic: Energy Management Systems

  14. Subtopic: Understanding energy management systems (Keywords: energy management systems)
  15. Subtopic: Advantages of implementing energy management systems (Keywords: industrial temperature controllers, energy-efficient heating accessories)
  16. Subtopic: Case studies – energy management in different industries (Keywords: petrochemical heating systems, food and beverage heating systems, small business heating solutions)

This outline provides a solid structure for an engaging, informative article that aligns with this SEO content strategy and drives readers further down your funnel onto your collections and product pages where they are converted from readers into shoppers and ultimately, paying customers.

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